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Art Show Flyer

This year's flyer features "Marsh Minstrels", the incredible wood carving by Janet Johnson as photographed by her
brother, John King. If you know of a bulletin board or window that needs one of our flyers, please email the Arts and Crafts Show chair, Colleen Rice at She'd be happy to send you the flyer electronically or mail you however many you want to post. Thanks!

July 2017 Art Show & Auction Entries

Preserving History for All Ages

On June 13, 1972 the town of Belmont was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. The courthouse was included as a part of this historic district.

The Belmont Courthouse nestled at the head of Ralston Valley, at one time stood as an elegant centerpiece of the county seat of Nye County, Nevada. The construction began in 1875 and it was completed in 1876; it served for 29 years as the county courthouse before the county seat was moved to Tonopah, Nevada in 1905.

History of Belmont

Today, the town survives as a historic district with a few residents. Its courthouse features one of Nevada's finest Italianate style Architecture.

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Photo Album

Historic and Modern. Take a tour of Belmont through the eyes of the photographer.

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The Friends of the Belmont Courthouse is a corporation organized under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is authorized to solicit funds which can only be used to preserve, restore, and protect the Belmont Courthouse with the cooperation and guidance of Nye County.
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