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Honor Roll of the Friends of the Belmont Courthouse

To participate in saving the history of our State, County and Townships, is an honorable and worthy endeavor. By membership, donations, contributions that are ear marked for a specific project, history can be preserved for generations to come. So much history is lost, and with it the exciting and true stories that make a town come alive.

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Friends of the Belmont Courthouse
P.O. Box 985
Tonopah, Nevada 89049

Or e-mail: rdmotis@frontier.com
Or phone: (775) 482-3968

All monies will be placed in the Friends of the Belmont Courthouse account at Nevada State Bank in Tonopah, Nevada. Please provide an e-mail or postal address so that we may provide you with an acknowledgement for your tax deductible contribution. Your donation will be welcomed and greatly appreciated.